The event dedicated to the release of games for the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X console will be held in July. At the same time, insider Klobrille, known for the accuracy of his predictions regarding Xbox Game Studios projects, has already talked about some of these games.

In particular, players will be told about the details of the Everwild game, which is developed by Rare. This project was announced at the end of last year, and its events unfold in a unique magical world. And at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, the developers will finally reveal its details.

The second project, which will be discussed during the Xbox Games Showcase, is the new role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment. This studio became part of Xbox Game Studios in November 2018. But nothing is known about this game yet.

Microsoft Unveils Xbox Series X Specs and Hardware Details
The company says that the new-generation console will be defined by three primary characteristics, which are Power, Speed, and Compatibility.

The July Xbox Games Showcase will be part of the Xbox 20/20 series of events to provide additional and most relevant information about the next-generation console, games, and the work of Xbox Game Studios, Game Pass and xCloud. Similar events should take place monthly. The first Xbox 20/20 event took place on May 7. The next event, called the Xbox Games Showcase, is scheduled for July 23.