Apple loves to hold grand presentations of its upcoming flagships, so fall 2019 is going to be traditionally fruitful! It’s time to talk about Apple Watch.

As rumors say, the new models of Apple Watch Series 5 will get two types of materials – ceramic and titanium. Customers will have an option to buy 40mm or 44mm version. According to the leaks, watches of the 5th generation won’t get some prodigious features, but the several improvements are worth to discuss.


Sleep tracker. While you’re sleeping, sensors of the iWatch detect moves and heart beating to deliver scores when you awake. The SleepWatch is a free app to install and work on the quality of your rest at night.


More autonomous. In the beta watchOS 6, there will be some tools which can allow the gadget to work without activation from a smartphone. The App Store for the smartwatch is proof it, as apps are adjusted entirely for the watch-assistant.


Most probably the new version will work on S5 processor. It is merely better than the previous one and helps to increase the energy saving of the watch together with overall performance.

It’s still yet unknown, whether the company is going to introduce the new series, the redesigned series 4 watches, or it will be a kind of additional lineup for the launch of iPhone 11. However, the digital companion on your wrist evolves proportionally with the leading devices.