Today, September 19, Apple Arcade will launch subscription service for $4.99 per month. This entertainment service promises to erase every single boring minute and engage players into an excellent bunch of Apple games. Apple cooperated with top-rated game creating studios such as Simogo, Cape games, and Ustwo.

Apple Arcade has the huge collection of versatile games and here are those that might fancy you.

Interaction in this game will be interesting, that's for sure. Nostalgia, relationships, and a great desire to fix things are in the spotlight. Just imagine, you have an old camera released in 80s or 90s that caught the precious moments of your life, but now it's broken. You can repair it and save those lasting memories.

The game has characters, dialogues, storyline, and 13 chapters. It can even bring some psychological satisfaction when you use the screwdriver to take elements apart, replace the damaged items, and then assemble altogether again. This game is saturated with kindness, feeling the support of the family, and the idea that broken things can be healed, whether its a device or the emotional wound.

The game can seem to calm but requires attention. Minimalistic, straight, mild, consequent – the delight for perfectionists.

What you have to do? Build roads, plan the infrastructure, and connect buildings of the same color, after you can check the result on the map. The lovely ant hill will work flawlessly and grow more and more if you control the traffic cleverly. After a while, the traffic will augment, but there is traffic lights, bridges, motorways to make the flow regulated. Players have options! Not an abstract settlement to build, but the real urban city by the example of Mexico City, Milan, Munich, Manila, and Los Angeles. Try your logistic skills and make it move as you wish.

Cape Games studio is appreciated for puzzle stories we already know - Critter Crunch and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. For Apple Arcade they produced the creep-smushing cartoon-style Grindstone. The color-match type game with a fury barbarian, little multicolored monsters, and lots of gameplay stuff that helps to crash and slice the field with a sword. The sounds are terrific as well as it makes you feel the might of your hero.

The list would be incomplete without the survival game. Overland is a sort of gloomy action where people disappeared, time stopped, and resources run low. Cartoon-design picture, island-like game platform, deserted town, a car without gas, and a dog-companion proves that you're all alone in this strange place and the only thing you have to do is to survive. Oh, by the way, plenty of alien beasts surrounds your hero, so beware not to become their meal. No need to whip up tension all depends on you and your ability to survive. A tip: try to think several steps forward. Give it a shot!

Simogo games studio always surprises and always tries new genres for their projects. What did they bring for Apple Arcade?
Firstly, this action game is beautiful in its array of colors and, of course, the musical backup. A little tip before you start – put on the AirPods for the best immersion.

Get ready to become the skateboard girl who never stops. This is the light-hearted and lively entertainment with motorcycle chases, dance battles, and toe-tapping pop music tracks. Pictures and scenes move fast, changes, and flow from one place to another. It would be fantastic to try this arcade game with an AR gadget.

To get the progress, we have to build and move further. Where Cards Fall is the touching story, most players will love at first sight. Some episodes will remind you of yourself in years of adolescence and events that hurt but make stronger. Plus, special thanks for the soundtrack choice, it's the best for this storyline.

The mood is a little bit melancholic but helps to feel the emotional state of the main character deeply. However, creators managed to keep it balanced by inserting tasks on every stage, the smart, fresh riddles which are really gripping. Its all about details in this game and the central symbol - the stack of cards. Probably they got inspired by the fragility and fickleness of human life.

There are catching twists that bring more dynamics to the gameplay. It's bizarre and enigmatic but makes the game more sophisticated in a good way.
When the level is passed, the main hero will see the flashback of the meaningful episode of his life, which completes the whole picture of his life-path.