The popular dating app Tinder has released The Year in Swipe report. This year’s piece focuses on exploring what worries people who belong to Generation Z and what they care about.

Generation Z includes people who were born after 1995 and who are considered to be digital natives. Their birth coincided with the growth and development of the Internet, social media, and technology. At present, Generation Z represents the majority of the Tinder community.

This year’s report aims at exploring the topics Generation Z talks about the most and the way people connect.

The report clearly shows that young people care more about causes rather than travel as millennials do, and they mention them in their bios. The most mentioned causes and phrases were “the environment,” “social justice,” and “gun control.” According to Tinder, “Millennials connect over adventure, while Gen Z bonds over changing the world.”

The most popular emoji of 2019 was the Facepalm one. It was used 41% more times in users’ bios than previously. As Tinder says,

Apparently, if there's one thing younger generations bond over today, it's a shared sense of Facepalming at what's happening in the world.

The Generation Z daters are ready to connect over everything and over any cultural movements. The most trending bios topics of 2019 are Billie Eilish, Captain Marvel, Lizzo, Game of Thrones, and the famous song Old Town Road.

Another trend this year was using Tinder’s feature called More Genders to express their authenticity better. The rainbow emoji raised its popularity compared to 2018 as well.

For sure, Tinder users who are under 25 really value authenticity and are ready to find a partner, not just a match, to share their life with.