YouTube awarded the most popular commentary for the first time in the history of the company. A Swedish video blogger and musician Seth Everman received the corresponding certificate. His comment on the sensational “bad guy” music video of an 18-year-old American singer Billie Eilish gained over a million likes. His comment read, “I’m the bald guy.”

His YouTube account avatar really portrays him without hair. After publication, the caption began to gain likes quickly. The musician believes that the cover on Billy Eilish’s song, which he recorded using improvised items such as a brush and a frying pan, added popularity to his comment.

“World record! First youtube comment ever to hit 1 million likes. We did it gamers,” he tweeted.

When the number of “thumbs up” under the search post exceeded one million, the blogger – after conducting his research and finding out that not a single comment had been able to cross this mark before – jokingly asked YouTube to award him for his achievement.

“Hello @YouTube, I would like one golden comment award please,” he tweeted.

Ten days later, YouTube responded to the request and contacted the musician. After that, they sent him a corresponding gold plate in the frame with an engraving.
It is important to note that Everman himself admits that the number of likes for his YouTube comment does not give anything, and refers to his achievement ironically.