Since the beginning of March, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has been treating people with symptoms of coronavirus, and he developed an experimental treatment. The treatment was simple, and it included the following drugs:
hydroxychloroquine (an anti-malaria drug), azithromycin, and zinc sulfate.

A Detailed Coronavirus Treatment Plan from Dr. Zelenko
We received an exclusive letter from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko again, in which he told his story and shared his COVID-19 treatment plan in detail.

These drugs were tested on hundreds of patients. Some patients had minor symptoms at the time of arrival at the hospital. However, Dr. Zelenko made a solemn statement. He claimed that 100% of them survived the disease without hospitalization and without even needing ventilation.

Now, you can watch the video with the updated information about Dr. Zelenko's coronavirus treatment plan.

How to Cure Coronavirus: an Exclusive Letter From Dr. Zelenko to Donald Trump
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko sent a letter to Donald Trump about how to solve a global problem — how to cure coronavirus! This exclusive letter fell into our hands, and now we are sharing it with you.

Video's subtitles:
[00:00:00] Hello, I'm Dr. Zev Zelenko. Oh, it's been a while since I've made a video. So I just wanted to wish everyone a good Shabbos and give an update of what's been going on. So I'm coming out with a study, God willing, next week should be published one of the top journals. I hope the study is going to document the data for 1450.

[00:00:30] Patients who were seen through my office, my team that could have the COVID-19 virus and out of those, 405 were treated with three drugs.
[00:00:45] I'm sure you know now about hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc. By my statistics, unfortunately, two people passed away, four people were on a respirator, and then there are off the respirator and around five or six.

[00:01:00] Admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, and most of them are at home. These results are significantly better than what was to be expected statistically.

[00:01:15] So it's clear proof that the medication approach, especially when used early in the infectious process, works. Wonderfully, these results are consistent.

[00:01:30] Also were around 88 percent reduction in death and hospital admission. He had a slightly different protocol without zinc. Still, nevertheless, early treatment makes a big difference, and this is also consistent with several hospitals [00:01:45] and clinics in the country of Brazil. They also implemented my protocols for the last few weeks and also had excellent results, a 95 percent reduction in death, and that's a published study that came out last week.

[00:02:00] I'd also like to address returning to society. I think the key is to have a blood test that documents immunity. There's a lot of false blood tests out there, but hopefully, by next week [00:02:16], the FDA approved blood test for antibodies will be available commercially through the labs specifically by a reference.

[00:02:31]And we're looking for IGG antibodies what that means is that if you have IGG antibodies, that means you have the infection and either you've recovered, or you are in the recovery phase and most likely [00:02:46] you're immune to this infection. You won't get it again. What that means is that if you've been symptom-free for a few weeks and you have IGG antibodies, you could essentially return back to normal life.

[00:03:01] So that's a very important piece of information, and I strongly recommend to buy everyone this test but not the test that is not FDA approved because their accuracy is not very good. So we want to get good results, good quality information, which [00:03:16] again is through the FDA approved IGG testing specifically through reference which uses the I think that habit machine the Abbot testing.

[00:03:31] We're close to getting over this problem.

I've been dealing with many governments. I've been dealing with the United States government, and we hopefully will see a change in policy and approach in dealing with this infection [00:03:46], not letting people progress to other hospitals. But treating is like any other infection early in the process, and that is the answer to reopening the country's economy and getting back to normal life.

[00:04:01] So that is my update. I wish everyone Good Shabbos.