TV series become a lifeline when you can spend as much time as possible at home. So open your windows, stock up on fruits, and imagine that you are at an outdoor cinema. Here’s a list of shows that will brighten up your evening.

1. Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

Yes, this one is not series at all, but it’s a rather important streaming premiere that totally deserves to be on this list. Gadsby wanted to abandon stand-up two years ago and wrote a soulful monologue about her life as a goodbye. To Gadsby’s surprise, this monologue brought her dizzying success, and she returned on stage with a new show, where she talks about what it is like to be her. That is, to be an autistic lesbian who makes funny jokes, but can no longer put up with the misogyny of the modern world around her.

2. Love Life

Why don’t viewers get bored with New York romantic stories? The anthology series promises to tell us about the relationships of a single person each season – from their first one to the very last one. At the start, the leading role went to the beautiful Anna Kendrick.

3. Space Force

Steve Carell admits that the time he spent filming The Office was the best time of his life. It's no surprise that in his new project, he works with Greg Daniels, a showrunner who adapted The Office for America. The comedy about how the American government established a separate branch of the military – the Space Force – has already managed to gain enormous public appeal and had some sort of impact on everyone.

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4. Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story

This is the second season of the anthology series. The first season was a film adaptation of a popular podcast of the same name about a man whose life was full of ominous secrets and how the people around him became victims of an abusive John. The Betty Broderick Story is also based on real events: Betty shot dead her ex-husband and his second wife.

5. I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You has already been dubbed the “drama about consent,” but this work is too great and intense to just sum it up in one biting headline. You will cry, laugh, and feel genuine fear. Without exaggeration, this one is one of the best series of the year.

6. Love, Victor

It’s no coincidence that Love, Victor sounds just like the teenage romantic comedy Love, Simon as the series takes place in high school, too. If the spin-off about another boy trying to figure out his sexuality and orientation is at least partially similar to its predecessor, then the result should be more than worthy.

7. Perry Mason

The legendary but, unfortunate, fictional American lawyer Perry Mason is back in business. But the truth is, this time we will find out about the beginning of Mason's career, when he was a private detective. The color noir series about the criminal Los Angeles of the 30s sounds, oddly enough, fresh for modern television.

8. I'll Be Gone In the Dark

A documentary of 6 episodes is intended to explain why it was not possible to catch the serial killer DeAngelo for so long. An incredible number of people suffered at his hands: he killed at least thirteen people and raped fifty. It’s hard to even imagine the scale of the pain that this maniac caused.

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9. The Baby-Sitters Club

This series is something like Stein's horror movies, only without horror movies and with girls as the main characters. The plot is lovely in its simplicity – friendship above all, neon 90s, the familiar troubles of growing up and babysitting as a legitimate way to earn money.

10. Frayed

The protagonist of the series is a widow, She is forced to return to her native Australia from the UK, along with two children who are only familiar with calm and wealthy England. We guarantee that you will definitely enjoy the survival story of a housewife from the 80s full of bitter humor.

11. Brave New World

Aldous Huxley's novel that does not lose its relevance, is a goldmine of unusual plot twists. Whether the creators were able to competently handle the criticism of slut-shaming that resonates through the work is a question for you. We cannot help but notice that the young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) in the lead role looks gorgeous.

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12. The Capture

The plot focuses on the confrontation of an experienced detective and a veteran of military operations in Afghanistan, who is accused of a crime. As usual, they are only pawns in serious political fraud.

13. The Good Lord Bird

A satirical novel about completely unhappy events: John Brown was an abolitionist, firmly convinced that the end to slavery can only be put through decisive military action. His unsuccessful raid on Harpers Ferry turned into a death sentence to the instigator, but the event itself spurred the start of the Civil War.

14. Lovecraft Country

New horror masters don't use cliches. Freddie and Jason are no longer the main monsters, now the main monsters are racism and social inequality. Lovecraft Country multiplies one fear by another. In the story, a young African-American sets off on a road trip across America of the 1950s. On his way, he will encounter not only the realities of still living segregation but also Lovecraftian horrors.