TikTok smells like freedom. On TikTok, every user has freedom of expression, creative ideas, and talents. TikTok is loved and respected by teenagers, and adults and brands have a genuine interest in this social media platform as well. In this article, we will tell you how to become popular on TikTok, taking into account the specifics, algorithms, and secrets of this social media.

The phenomenon and algorithms of TikTok

In our opinion, this social media platform has gained success due to the content that attracts the eye. Users don’t need to delve into and concentrate on the essence for a long time. They receive simple and fun content and pleasant emotions. Another important feature of TikTok is music. Here you can find new tracks and add them to your playlist. The application has a built-in video editor, which everyone can use to create their own videos.

Top 11 Popular TikTok Dances for Fun Self-Isolation
To get into the top of TikTok, you need to get the hang of its main feature: 15-20 second dances to rhythmic and uplifting music. That’s why we’ve made a compilation of trendy TikTok dances for you.

Anyone can get into the recommendations and become famous here

TikTok’s algorithms are not always obvious, but there are still certain clues. The platform itself is unique since you simply upload the video, and the promotion is done for you.

  • To get into the key algorithm, you need to retain the first audience. At first, the video is shown to 100 people.
  • The platform monitors the behavior of people when they watch a video. If these 100 people watched it till the end, and at least 10-15 of them liked it after watching, the algorithm shows this video to other 100 people.
  • Then, if the conversion of likes and video views till the end continues to grow, TikTok shows this video to thousands of people. This is how the mechanism works until all "interested" see it. Of course, sooner or later, the video stops gaining momentum since the relevant audience has already watched it.

Frankly speaking, not all videos are recommended to the first 100 people. This happens because the algorithms that are responsible for quality content work. Good lighting and brightness, picture quality, emotion, movement, and uniqueness are important. Sometimes, the algorithms fail, and a low-quality video may leak to your feed, but their future is a foregone conclusion: no positive user reaction – no growth.

TikTok Audience

Tiktok is originally from China, and historically, the majority of platform users are from China. However, the application has gained popularity outside of Asia. More than 30 million people actively use it in the USA alone, and the number of users is growing rapidly. The majority of the audience are people from 13 to 23 years old, and in most cases, these teenagers want to become famous and create content themselves. This is one of the developers' strategies for retaining users. TikTok has its own database of bots that watch your videos, subscribe, and leave comments. These comments are also thought out from both technological and psychological points of view.

Such bots write something like, "You are in the top," "You are in the recommendations," "Cool video," "Create more videos." This gives content makers the motivation to keep making videos and spend even more time on the app.

Nowadays, the audience of TikTok is not only children and adolescents. The platform is gaining momentum in popularity among people of all ages and professions: housewives, bloggers, and stars. Almost all celebrities have an account on the platform.

TikTok Launches Parental Controls With “Family Safety Mode” Feature
TikTok has launched a new “Family Safety Mode” feature for parents, which can link their children’s accounts to their own, allow parents to disable the direct messages and determine how much time a kid will spend in the app.

How to promote a TikTok account: 7 main rules

Your main task is to get into the recommendations. To promote your account on TikTok, you need to follow these rules:

1. Create content regularly

This is necessary in order for the algorithms to identify your account as active and make it possible to get into the recommendations. If you haven't posted videos for more than a month, the probability of getting into a shadow ban is 90%.

2. Make creative content and increase engagement

Come up with unusual endings for your videos, use masks and filters, and add cool texts. Everything should be within limits: the text should not overload the picture, and the music should be combined with the frame. Try to evoke emotions in people after they watch your videos!

3. Take part in trending challenges

This is the fastest way to promote your page. Trends help place a video in their category. If it is interesting, algorithms will raise it higher and higher in the rating.

4. Don’t forget about quality and lighting

Good picture quality and lighting are essential for any video. Often, they affect the perception of the video by the user.

5. Remember that the video should keep users watching until the end

We are talking about algorithms that are more likely to promote videos that users watch in full.

6. Use hashtags

Hashtags help videos get into their thematic sections, so that users could find videos they are interested in and subscribe to you. Some hashtags help you get into recommendations.

  • #stopcorona
  • #totrending
  • #topvideoontiktok
  • #toptrendiingvideo
  • #toptiktok
  • #tiktoktopmostvideo
  • #videoontop
  • #myvideoontop
  • #featureme
  • #featurethis
  • #thisisforyou
  • #4upage
  • #foryourpage

Videos with these hashtags gain more reach than without them.

7. Not only copy, but also create your own unique content

Your content should be different from others. You need your own “thing” that can keep the viewer watching. Think over your shooting style and image to the smallest detail and let sincerity become your thing!