Has forced self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made you an avid YouTube viewer, Instagrammer, and made you create a TikTok account? Then you’ll definitely find this article useful! To get into the top of this social media platform, you need to get the hang of its main feature – 15-20 second dances to rhythmic and uplifting music. That’s why we’ve made a compilation of trendy TikTok dances for you.

Even if you don’t plan to become the star of TikTok, dancing is an excellent alternative to sports in lazy self-isolating times, and it will simply cheer you up. By the way, you don’t have to dance alone, you can also do this with your family members. Feel free to challenge your loved ones to a dance battle! This will make your time in quarantine more fun!

1. Dance to the song Candy

American rapper Doja Cat is beloved by TikTok users. It is girls who dance to her song Candy most often. The dance consists of flowing sexual elements that are quite simple to remember. Try and get some practice right now!

2. K-pop style dance to the song Any Song

Not only American teens set TikTok trends. One of the most popular TikTockers are Korean teens dancing to K-pop songs. Dance to the song Any Song has become one of the most often performed one on the social media platform. The movements in it are so fast that it is better to see it and then begin to dance.

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3. Dance to the song Supalonely

The movements of this dance to the Supalonely track by the singer Benee are mainly performed by hands, but do not forget about the slight swaying of the body to the beat of the music.

4. Turbo Macarena to the song U Can’t Touch This

We are familiar with the lively movements of this dance since childhood. Yep, we are certainly talking about the Macarena dance. It’s just that on TikTok, users dance to the track called U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. We warn you right away: it will take you a lot of training because the movements need to be performed three times faster than usual.

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5. Dance to the song Say So

TikTokers are incredibly fond of Doja Cat’s songs. It’s a simple combination of rhythmic and smooth movements to the song Say So. You can dance alone or with a partner – you’ll have something to surprise your friends with at a disco after the quarantine ends.

6. Dance for lovers to the song Relationship

More than anyone else, couples in love like performing this dance to the track of the American rapper Young Thug. But of course, not only lovers can dance to it! Perhaps your friends and relatives will be enthusiastic about this idea!

7. Dance to the song American Boy

Experienced TikTok users say that you can learn this dance in 20 minutes. You may be able to do it faster. If you never try, you’ll never know, so go ahead!

8. Dance to the song Cannibal

A dance to Kesha’s song Cannibal seems complicated only at first glance. We have learned everything in detail and announce that it has two main movements. They are a pulsating heart and a gesture with open palms that literally says, “I will eat you!” First, you need to learn them, and then add the remaining simple movements of the dance.

9. Dance to the song The Renegade

The rhythmic dance to the song The Renegade by rapper K Camp is currently one of the most popular in the vastness of TikTok. The dance includes a combination of clapping and body movements in the form of figure eight and a wave. At first, repeating the whole dance seems impossible, but after just a few rehearsals, you will realize it was not that difficult.

By the way, here’s how the original dance looks like.

10. Dance to the song Rule the World

A dance to the song Rule the World by the singer Liz is the most energetic one on our list. Its rehearsal equals one full-fledged cardio training, which is definitely a plus during self-isolation.

11. A split in a dance to the song Attention

The final dance on our list is suitable for all flexible people who have a background experience of specialized training. Without this, we strongly do not recommend reproducing the wonders of acrobatics!