Sony has already dragged on with the PS5 announcement. On August 27, the company began sending out invitations that give the right to join the digital queue and pre-order the PS5 console in the PlayStation online store in the future. Thus, Sony has confirmed what many players already guessed: the offer will be limited.

So far, the corresponding page with online registration for the PS5 pre-order is only available on the American official Sony website. According to Sony, there will be a limited number of PS5 consoles available for pre-order. This invite program is a chance for existing PlayStation customers to be among the first to order the new console.

Sony Has Revealed the First PlayStation 5 TV Ad
In its marketing campaign dedicated to the PlayStation 5 console, Sony primarily focuses on the immersion via the DualSense controller and its haptic feedback.

However, the FAQ page states that completing the registration form does not guarantee an invitation. Sony sends them out to select players based on interests and actions related to PlayStation products.

Moreover, the invitation itself is also not a guarantee of receiving the console. Each invite will be valid for a limited time, and only one console is allocated per PSN ID along with two new DualSense controllers and other PS5 accessories.

Sony Revealed the Design of the PS5 Game Box
Sony unveiled the appearance of the physical PlayStation 5 game boxes in a blog post. It does share some similar features with the PS4 game box design, although it has some distinctive features that are worth looking at.

The latest update is naturally missing important details such as the PS5's price and release date, as Sony continues its painfully slow game with Microsoft, which will be the first to announce the price.