The Steam Game Festival is a multi-day event where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch live streams, and learn about Steam's upcoming games. For developers, the Steam Game Festival is an opportunity to get early feedback from players and build an audience for future releases.

Valve Decided to Make Steam Game Festival a Regular Event
After reviewing feedback from gamers and developers, Valve decided to make the Steam Game Festival a regular event. After the fall festival, the next events will take place in February and June 2021.

The Steam Game Festival debuted in December 2019 during The Game Awards, with time-limited demos only for 13 upcoming games. In March, the Steam Game Festival provided a time-frame of five days instead of 48 hours as well as demos for 40 games due to the GDC cancellation. The week-long Summer Game Festival dropped 900 demos.

The Game Awards Returns on December 10 With a Multi-City Approach
The annual awards ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry, The Games Awards, will be held on December 10 simultaneously in the three largest cities in the world: Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo.

The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition gives even more game demos. The festival will run until October 13.

During the October Steam Game Festival, users have the opportunity to get free access to a variety of indie games coming out in the next six months. The fall festival features some famous games, including Alpaca Ball: Allstars, Cake Bash, Ghostrunner, Garden Story, and Smash Ball.

In addition to hundreds of indie game demos, there will be other gaming audience events during the Steam Game Festival. Users will be able to watch live streams from creators and content developers, including interviews, special gameplay, and commentary. These broadcasts will take place throughout the event.

Here you can view the schedule of broadcasts from various authors.