Almost all known games are a hit parade of cruelty. The more famous the game, the more blood and guts, corpses and sudden screeching it has. Bloodborne, GTA, and Doom are absolute masterpieces, but they are not always suitable for relaxation. If you need something more thoughtful or contemplative, choose any game from our selection, and don't be afraid to get a nervous breakdown.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

The beginning of the game is rather sad – you are a debtor and must pay off the mortgage to a raccoon dog, but this is where the relatability of the game ends, and a series of simple and uncomplicated actions begins, supplemented by communication with other users. The game became an absolute hit of the pandemic – even Elijah Wood was involved in decorating his island.

2. Everything

Platforms: PS4, Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch

Everything is a simulator of life in general. You can live the life of an atom, you can live the life of an entire planet, or you can just watch a whirlpool of colors. The meaning of the game is to find its meaning.

3. Journey

Platforms: all

If you've heard that the Chinese are unhappy that the concept of qi (气) energy was misrepresented in the movie Mulan, then the Journey game is one of the most correct explanations for it.

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4. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Platforms: PS4, Windows

In the game's story, you find yourself in a village from which everyone disappeared during some strange phenomenon. And the main plot conflict is that everything got better because of it.

5. Firewatch

Platforms: all except mobile

The game could have become an iconic adventure movie (it's that captivating), but it has become an iconic adventure game.