Experts estimate the dating app market at $84 billion, but all popular applications have faced similar problems: finding a partner turns into a long and dull swiping, messages and hundreds of matches remain unanswered and lead to nothing. These two services have set themselves the goal of solving these problems.

1. Flutter: Sunday dating

The team decided to solve the problem with the help of a time limit. In the app, you can only get acquainted with people from Sunday morning until midnight. You can also go on a date on Sunday only, and all matches and messages are permanently deleted on Monday. For all other days, you can only edit your profile.

The main idea is that if we limit the time for dating to one day a week, users will not ignore specific matches and will begin to appreciate the answers more.

2. Meetwo: Personality tests

Each new user creates a profile in the app, answering 10 yes or no questions provided by psychologists. For example, “Would you use a coupon to pay for a first date?” Then the algorithms process the responses, and the match happens only if people are psychologically compatible.

As a bonus, here are two startups that will help simplify communication with clients and find a job.

3. MarkUp: Effective communication between the client and the developer

The app works like this: the designer or developer adds a link to Markup, Markup generates a second link that allows the employer or client to visit the website and select any element on it to leave a comment. It is similar to comments in Google Docs. Don't like the button color? Click on it, write a comment, and the developer will change it.

This service is good because it saves time for both parties. There is no longer the need for phone calls and meetings. The startup makes it possible to save on hourly wages and ensure effective communication between the parties.

4. Wanted: Job search for those who want a pay raise

The job market for computer programmers can be described as follows: only a small part of specialists have been working in one place for more than a year. Why? They come to a workplace in a company with a certain salary level, gain experience, get another job with a 30% more salary, and so on. What makes it difficult for programmers is that they can understand the real salary level only after a few interviews.

Wanted makes it easier to find an offer with a certain salary + 30%: programmers leave their anonymous resumes with a fixed salary, for which they are ready to work for another company. The service algorithms check every resume and all candidates and connect them with companies that fit the requirements.