If the number of Internet users increases day by day, so are the businesses raising their online mast for their products and services. This certainly means a more energized competitive environment, where it is not just about offering quality customer experience but also about keeping a consistent performance over search engines to not lack at any crucial aspect of online business. Thankfully, there are several resources from where inspiration can be drawn for improving your business operations and your online marketing game.

For instance, the Fortune 500 companies make the best case studies to learn the tits and bits of online business. While meeting their investment and ROI level may be a bit out of scope for small businesses, learning tactics that can help you boost your rank on search engines undeniably lie within the approachable boundaries.

Today, we bring you some of the best SEO lessons from Fortune 500 companies that can be the game-changer for your business. Without any delay, let's get started.

1. Start with Strong Technical Foundation

If you search online, you will find thousands of blogs telling you how easy it is to get a website. Well, not completely false. There are so many platforms that allow you to create your website as soon as in 10 mins. But that's where many new businesses go wrong. These quick-to-build websites lack many of the crucial technical functionalities that impact your ranking in the long run. Suppose we have learned something about beginning an online venture from Fortune 500 companies like Amazon or Apple or even the new joiners like Baker Hughes. In that case, it gets your technical foundation laid firm. This will help you avoid issues like slow page loads, poor mobile navigation, messy URLs, improper redirects, and so on in the future.

2. Creating Your Own Brand Voice

Most of the successful brands are well aware of their core audience and how to reach them. This makes it easy for them to propagate their brand in the voice that the audience wants to hear. Whether through social media, website blogs, or other marketing channels, the aim is always to target audiences’ right set in the proper context and tone. Creating your brand voice not only enhances your credibility but also helps you in gaining an SEO advantage. For instance, IBM is one of the Fortune 500 companies that excel in the SEO aspect and branding through its diversified blog space.

The company manages almost 27 different niches, targeting a specific audience section and brand itself for each segment.

Small businesses can take a cue from IBM to use the blog section of their website to consistently target the right audience and increase their ranking by offering relevant content to their audience.

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3. Have an Effective Keyword Strategy

If you think that Fortune 500 companies don't have to work upon their keyword strategy, perhaps you have been living in the unicorn world. Search engines are unbiased in this matter, and even the brands have to keep their keyword strategy updated regularly to reap the benefits of their popularity among their customers. Being known doesn't mean search engines will lay a red carpet for you. Just take any corporate content, and you will instantly notice the use of transactional keywords placed tactically to grab the spot on the first page of Google. It is much more straightforward for smaller businesses to rank with the right keywords as it is one of the most economical strategies to get organized over search engines.

When it comes to SEO, link-building should never be underestimated. It can do those wonders that are beyond your imagination. Whether it is internal linking or external links, if you want to improve your rank, then follow this simple lesson that Fortune 500 companies often overlook. Yes, that's the truth. It is one thing that big brands do (unintentionally, maybe) that you don't have to do. After all, lessons should include both dos and don'ts. You will find some Fortune 500 companies not practicing this essential tip in their content.

Now, coming back to the importance of link-building, it is a key factor in Google algorithms that decide how to rank your website. The only thing you have to be careful about is not to overstuff links but let them come naturally in the content, similar to sprinkling salt-and-pepper over your salad.

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5. Visual Elements Lead the Game

Here we are, letting the cat out of the bag. Visual elements improve your ranking in ways that you have never known. Don't believe us? We have proof. Just type any keyword you wish to target, like here – we have searched Digital Transformation. Google has some fantastic results with captivating visuals on its first page.

Google Search query for digital transformation
Google Search query for "Digital transformation"

Scroll a little more, and you will see the video links and links to top articles.

SEO depends upon multiple factors, and creating engaging content forms one of the most important pillars. Fortune 500 companies have their armory adorned with different content formats like text, videos, images, graphics, and even audios. This allows them to reach out to their audience in multiple ways and thus rank higher.


Knowing these lessons is one thing and implementing them is a different thing. SEO is crucial for all size enterprises. It's just that brands have additional advantages in terms of resources and investments. However, as a small or mid-level business owner, you can learn a lot from Fortune 500 companies and use the tactics to grow your business. The only thing required is the zeal to understand and implement the lessons learned.