In a move to augment user experience and privacy, WhatsApp, the globally popular messaging app, is reportedly developing a new feature to introduce usernames. With this upcoming update, the messaging platform is expected to make user identification more uncomplicated and private.

The addition of usernames in WhatsApp is a significant shift from the app's traditional reliance on phone numbers for user identification. Today, connecting with someone on WhatsApp requires sharing phone numbers, which could sometimes lead to privacy concerns. However, with the introduction of usernames, users can add contacts and initiate conversations without exchanging phone numbers, thus increasing privacy.

WhatsApp's decision to incorporate usernames is likely a response to the growing demand for enhanced privacy in digital communications. With the new feature, users can use a unique username, making it easier for others to connect with them on the platform, all while keeping their phone numbers private.

WhatsApp Users Can Now React to Messages with Any Emoji
WhatsApp is rolling out a new update that will let its users react to messages with any emoji they want. When the emoji reaction feature was introduced in May, users could only choose between six emoji to react to messages.

Operating the new feature will be simple. Users will be prompted to choose a unique username when setting up a new account or updating an existing one. Once set, this username can be shared with others as an alternative way to connect on WhatsApp.

Introducing usernames is not just about enhancing privacy but also about simplifying the user experience. Usernames can be easier to remember and share than phone numbers, especially in a professional context. Furthermore, it could ease connecting with people on the platform, removing the need for phone number access.