Many believe that quarantine or, as we may also call it, social distancing, is an introvert’s dream. For some, it is a dream come true indeed. For others, however, it’s like torture. Regardless of the temperament type, all of us need support, a simple conversation, or a hug sometimes.

Nowadays, our psyche is under pressure, which gives us anxiety, irritability, conflicts with our loved ones, and, of course, a feeling of loneliness. In this article, we are about to tell you about how to protect yourself from feeling lonely if you are quarantining alone at home.

Learn the difference between being alone and lonely

We are left alone when there’s no one else at home, or when our roommate has left somewhere. In other words, this word describes a situation when no one is physically near us. This does not mean, though, that you need to start feeling sad right away or that you definitely need to feel lonely if there’s nobody around you.

In general, the fact that this word exists should not affect your mood in any way. In fact, a person can feel lonely both when he/she is alone and in the company of other people. Therefore, if you are staying alone at home, there’s no need to turn on the loneliness mode if it doesn’t really bother you that much. Learn no separate these two cases, and then you can definitely understand what really bothers you.

Tell someone about your feelings

Most people are in exactly the same situation right now, being alone at home. Everyone may have a feeling of loneliness and a desire to talk with someone. There’s no need to write or call people and directly tell them that you feel lonely, because you are unlikely to even want to tell anyone about this. Just ask how they are doing, and the conversation will start by itself. People you find exciting and consider close will definitely support you, even by merely talking about the weather.

Choose quality, not quantity

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the list may go on endlessly. Just as endlessly as you can scroll your social networks during quarantine – new tweets and posts appear every minute. Having published a photo, you can immediately receive dozens of comments and replies. But does this kind of attention give you a real feeling of close communication? Remember about two, three people or even one person who you would like to actually chat with. And instead of posting a new story, write to this guy or girl.

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Try video chatting sites

Do you remember how back in the early 2000s, video chatting was an integral part of almost any party? They still exist, but we cannot guarantee that you will not meet people who mistook the site for Pornhub there. Fortunately, there are not so many of them, but still.

After the quarantine was started, these sites resurrected. There, you can meet people from different parts of the world, find out about their situations and mood in general. Believe us, more than half of the visitors of these sites are looking for an interlocutor while being alone in self-isolation just like you.

Try online workouts at home

Now, a lot of bloggers, dance/gymnastics/yoga coaches follow quarantine rules and stay home, but continue to teach us things that they are good at. Instagram is filled with flash mobs, such as live morning workouts. During a live stream, you can ask questions you are interested in and see how many people are training with you.

Have an online party or date

If your girlfriend or boyfriend is not near you now and if your friends stay home and follow quarantine rules, too, it’s not a reason to forget about your gatherings. Just “drag” them to the screen of your gadget. You can throw a theme party or have a date. For instance, agree about a video conference call with your friends in advance, discuss the dress code, prepare, music, drinks, and go ahead! The same algorithm of actions applies to dates, which we wrote about earlier.

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Try chatting in a special chat

And finally, to make sure that you are not alone in your loneliness, just try using the quarantine chat app. It is clear what the main idea of this application is from its name. The app was created to let people from all over the world communicate in times of self-isolation. It has a mobile version, and yes, it’s completely free.