All birthday people divided into two camps during the quarantine. The first group breathed a sigh of relief, as because of quarantine, they don’t need to plan a celebration and come up with a thousand excuses why they don’t want to invite anyone to their party. The second group consists of people who can’t imagine their life without celebration, who start preparations for celebrating their birthday in advance, and who never considered spending their birthday within four walls at home as a part of their plan. They are also those who dreamed of arranging a celebration for their partner, parents, or kids.

It was for the second camp that we’ve collected useful tips on organizing a successful online party. All we need is a video connection and a bit of imagination.

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Send invitations to all guests

Guests need to be notified about the time of your online party beforehand. Even though most people are now spending time at home in self-isolation, there’s always everyday routines in life. Yes, you need to get ready for the video call, at least clean up the mess from the camera visibility zone, and put on some clothes above the belt.

Therefore, indicate the time of the celebration and a link to the video conference (it may be convenient to use Zoom) in the invitation. Choose a suitable time, keeping in mind that a lot of people work from home now, so on a weekday until 6-7 pm, it may be challenging for some of them to make time and distract themselves for a party.

And don’t forget about additional information: whether there will be food, drinks, or dress code. And finally, there will be no geographical borders because all your friends will be able to come to your birthday, even those who live in another city or country.

Think of entertaining activities

As a regular party, the online party implies that you will keep your guests busy with something. This means that you have to come up with certain activities. Traditionally, it can be festive treats. You can cook homemade treats and ask a delivery guy to carry a portion to each of your guests or order a small cake for everyone.

Ask all guests to pour something into a glass in advance to maintain a festive atmosphere. If you are a fan of board games, you can find a lot of online games that you can play with your friends on the Internet. Such a game can become a key activity after congratulations.

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Throw a theme party

Costume parties don’t leave anyone indifferent. You can either hate them fiercely or love passionately. If you and your friends are in the second camp, feel free to choose a theme for your online party and inform your guests about it. In quarantine, taking this opportunity, you can live your wildest fantasies. You won’t need to walk around in a hot dog costume in a crowded place or worry that the wind will ruin your hairstyle, which you’ve been diligently making for five hours.

If someone doesn’t want to rack their brains over a costume, just remind your guests that they have an excellent opportunity to get out of their pajamas and get all dressed up and spiffy and even show it off in front of real people on the other side of the screen.

Throw a surprise party

If you want to surprise all spring birthday people, throw a secret online party. For instance, gather as many people as possible in Zoom and congratulate them collectively or sing a festive song. The main thing is not to forget to send an invite to the birthday person.

How to organize a party

If you really want to celebrate but you don’t have the energy and time to organize, contact the specialists for help. Agencies involved in the preparation of parties are having a hard time right now, as well as all small businesses in the service industry. That is why a significant part of the organizers of the celebrations and parties go online, and they’re ready for a professional revolution.

You can delegate all organizational issues to the assistants: the delivery of cakes and a glass of sparkling wine to the doors of your friends, planning contests, and other activities.

But the truth is that all this is secondary, the main thing at any celebration is a playful party spirit of you and your guests. If you are in such a mood, then it is much easier to forget that you are dancing in different rooms and not on the same dance floor.

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