In Handy Tips, we find ways that can improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you what to do if your glasses fog up when you are wearing a face mask.

Do the lenses of your spectacles fog up when you wear a face mask? Many people have encountered this problem from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. A solution has been found! Our simple and easy tips will help all conscious bespectacled restore their visibility.

What to do if your eyeglasses get foggy when you wear a mask?

When you exhale while wearing a mask (and in general), warm air rises, some processes that we were told about in physics lessons in high school take place, and as a result, this whole thing condenses on the glasses, and they treacherously fog up. This is uncomfortable, troublesome, and can even be dangerous. It is easy to bump into another person or stumble and fall with limited visibility.

The most effective remedy against this scourge is placing your glasses not under but over the edge of the mask. This allows the material to fit more tightly to the face. This way, it will be difficult for the air you exhale to rise up. Often this alone is enough to prevent glasses from fogging up at all.

Particular attention should be paid to home-made masks. See how it fits on the cheeks. You can tuck the upper edge of the one-size mask so that it would fit tighter. If, after all these manipulations, the mask is still not tight enough on the nose, sew a piece of wire that can be bent on the nose into the wrapped edge. This will serve as a frame for your mask, and it will not slip off. Instead of wire, you can use metal strips from file folders and household clippers, which are used to close, for example, bags with bread and other products.

If tailoring and sewing lessons are not for you, you can simply fix the fold of fabric with duct tape by “gluing” the edge of the mask to the nose under your glasses. Regular tape or a band-aid patch will do.

What to do to prevent glasses from fogging?

Proper eyeglass care will help avoid this annoying unpleasantness. Simple household stuff that you can find in every home will help you avoid foggy eyeglasses. Soap and dishwashing detergents are particularly suitable for preventing glasses from fogging – just rinse your lenses with them. As it turns out, shaving foam and toothpaste can also serve as detergents. Things that you definitely shouldn’t use are aggressive chemicals like drain cleaners that will only make things worse.

Desperate times call for decisive actions. If all the options mentioned above did not bring you the wow-factor (as you understand it), you need to purchase a special set of anti-fogging products. Such sprays are designed to prevent the accumulation of irritating condensate on your glasses.