What about a YouTube channel where you can spend hours “walking” through the streets of cities of the world without getting up off your couch?

In fact, we could travel without leaving the sofa even before the quarantine started. But now that leaving the house is strictly regulated, online travel is especially valuable. Sometimes you don’t feel like going on an online trip with a blogger that won’t stop talking – all you want is to “walk” along the streets of other cities. Nomadic Ambience YouTube Channels was created precisely for such romantics.

The channel’s founder is a lone traveler who takes videos and records the sounds of his trips. The videos on his channel are numerous walks shot in the first person without comments and extraneous sounds – only the noise of streets and rain. Take a walk in rainy New York, Tokyo, or Iceland. For true romantics, we recommend a walk around rainy Boston, the oldest city in the United States. These videos have all the signs of ASMR, don’t they?

9 Travel Web Tours to See the World in Quarantine
Most countries’ borders are still closed, which means that we can’t enjoy the sunlit beaches and landmarks of European countries. But don’t lose your heart! You can take a virtual tour around the world while social distancing.

For dummies: What is ASMR?

The autonomous sensory meridian response is a phenomenon of perception, characterized by a pleasant sensation of tingling in the back of the head, spreading in the form of goosebumps on the skin of the neck and back to the legs and arms. Sound, visual, tactile, or cognitive stimuli cause ASMR sensations. The nature of the ASMR phenomenon still has no scientific explanation.

However, even though this phenomenon is little-known in the scientific community, many people watch a large number of ASMR content on YouTube every day. Over the past few years, a large-scale community of people producing and consuming ASMR content has grown on the video-sharing platform. According to the viewers, from watching such videos, they get the effect of an ASMR pleasure, buzz, and relaxation. Besides, such videos help them cope with anxiety and panic attacks; and also help relax and fall asleep.