This is the best selection of tips in the universe on how to behave in the wild in the office environment that will make everyone love you and make your boss respect you. Our rules of business behavior always work in practice. If you follow them, you will always be on a roll and stand out in a crowd. We will tell you how to behave if you are a subordinate to your boss. Of course, we understand that you are also a big boss who has two subordinates apart from a printer and cooler. But even if you are a big boss, we know that there’s always an even bigger boss somewhere.

1. Feel free to praise your boss

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

But only on the condition that he/she is really doing a great job. “Your meeting talk today was superb!” is fawning. It is better to only evaluate particular actions of your senior because making generalized compliments like “You always have such a combed bald head and so much foreign money! I am fascinated!” is simply ass-licking.

2. Figure out what kind of behavior is considered as active work

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

Just like other people, your boss evaluates others in terms of his/her own expectations of one’s performance. If there’s a pile of papers on your boss’s desk, be quick to get yourself some last year’s reports and scatter them on your desk. Does your boss like to read the reports of one’s employees? Prepare them in the most detailed way, and do not forget to send them on time. Does your boss often talk a lot and loudly on the phone? Ask your friend or mother to call you more often, introducing themselves as business partners and ask them how things are going with your new joint project.

3. Let’s say you are going to a meeting with business partners with your boss

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

Don’t try to show who has to be in charge in your company. Let your boss say the key phrases such as “Hello,” “I’d love one creamy coffee without sugar,” and “We agree to the following terms.” And God forbid that you argue with him/her in front of strangers! Even if you are confused about the fact that your boss suggested your child as collateral, don’t get mad. You can always discuss the interest rates face to face.

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4. Even if it’s your fault that a packet of biscuits disappeared from the warehouse, do not try to hide this tragedy from your boss

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

If you immediately inform your boss about what happened, you will acquire a reputation as an honest and responsible employee. And don’t forget to come up with several solutions to the problem. When something happens, your boss needs a range of solutions, from which he/she needs to choose one. The ideal solution to the problem looks like this: you suggest several options, and your boss either says “yes” or “no.”

5. You manage one department, whereas your boss manages the entire company

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

You should know your professional circle better. Your main task is to allow the boss to choose and not give him/her an opportunity to make wring decisions. Suggest several possible moves and go through each of them to the end, telling your boss about all the potential risks, all the pros and cons, and back up your words with reliable facts. For example: we cannot entrust the project to Mike because he slurps while eating and just looks silly.

6. Being friends with a secretary is not only pleasant but also useful

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

They are the lucky owners of the boss’s schedule. If you have access to this schedule, you can choose the best time to discuss serious stuff – right after he is back from the strip show, but before the tax report.

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7. Keep your boss informed and updated

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

Do this before he/she asks you about it five times. If you can’t get into your boss’s office because of the traps, send the report by mail.

8. Many experts advise you to never try to keep abreast of matters that do not concern you

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

We believe that the experts are wrong. If you plan to grow and move up the career ladder, you simply must know what is happening in other departments. If you are already in the know, there will be no need to explain everything to you when a better vacant position shows up. And your superiors will take this into account when they select candidates for a new position.

9. Your boss’s jokes are as funny as our Weekly Fun stuff

9 Powerful Tips on How to Gain Respect From Your Boss

If you're lucky and your boss’s jokes are really funny, this paragraph is not for you. If you are unlucky, try to understand and forgive his/her humor. Moreover, they will never know what you are laughing at: the sparkling joke or its absurdity.