In 2020, you no longer need to pass the entrance exams to the university or college and get the tenth higher education in order to pump up your old skills or acquire new ones. It is enough to just find a few hours a day for the needed activity and develop the desire to enhance yourself in it. Mastering a new profession, finding a hobby for your liking, becoming an exercise addict – everything is possible if you wish it to happen. Following the school habit, the thirst for new knowledge wakes up in the fall. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a selection of trending hobbies that are worth trying out this fall.

Instead of going to the gym:

Sports are not just treadmills, endless lunges, and squats. There is a vast number of non-trivial sports that may be perfect for you.

  • Nordic walking

This brisk walk with special poles is very beneficial for the back, abs, chest, and shoulder girdle. This sport is suitable for almost everyone, even for those who have zero physical activity or for those who do not like an intense physical activity for health reasons.

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  • Squash

This sport is often chosen by people who need a distraction from a million deadlines and unnecessary conversations. It's just you, the racket, and the ball in squash. The essence of the game is to hit the ball into the far wall and try not to miss a hit. Such a sport develops reaction speed and endurance since an hour of play can burn 1,500 calories.

  • Plogging

This sport allows you to work out and help the planet at the same time. When plogging, you run and collect trash. During this sport, you can burn more calories compared to running. This sport, comparable to a social movement, is very popular on social media. For example, there are already more than 140 thousand posts with the #plogging hashtag on Instagram.

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Instead of taking English courses:

  • It is hard to argue with the fact that English is the gateway to great opportunities and prospects. But this is not the only language worth learning. According to Ethnologue: Languages of the World, English is the fourth most widely spoken language. More than half a million people speak it. But the first place is occupied by the Chinese language, or, more specifically, Mandarin. China is the most populous country in the world, and in terms of economic development, China is ahead of most of Europe. Therefore, the ability to understand the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom will become a valuable skill in your piggy bank. Besides, only a few people in China understand English.

  • The second on the list of widely spoken languages is Hindi. More than four hundred million people speak Hindi, which is 40% of the population of India. Even though the constitution of India recognizes 23 languages, it is Hindi that is considered the primary and oldest language.

  • The reputation of one of the easiest languages to learn was earned by the Spanish language, and it takes the honorable third place. The sound of Spanish is similar to other languages of the Romance group, but unlike French, all words are spelled and pronounced the same.

Pump up not only muscles

Every year, the business and employment-oriented online service LinkedIn publishes a list of the most in-demand skills. In the course of the research, LinkedIn algorithms analyze more than 660 million professionals and over 20 million job openings to generate the list. Lists of soft skills and hard skills are created separately. In 2020, experts advise improving such a soft skill as emotional intelligence. This skill was added to last year's list of other skills, which included creativity, adaptability, persuasiveness, and the ability to cooperate. As for hard skills, 2020 has added innovations here. For example, the most coveted hard skill for employers is blockchain. The demand for such specialists exceeds the supply, this applies to:

  • Cloud computing, because many companies are moving to the "cloud" and need people to manage it.
  • Affiliate marketing with affiliate posts in social networks and special projects.
  • Sales skills (the main asset of the company is its product, and the one who knows how to sell this product will always be sought after).
  • Video content creation and video editing. This is not the most obvious skill, but according to experts, in 2022, 82 percent of Internet traffic will be directed to this type of content, and specialists in this area will definitely not be left without work.