We all have our human need for others, and we cannot underestimate the importance of healthy relationships and interactions. But it’s a fact that not everyone is attractive to everyone else. We’re all unique, but what if you do something that makes you less attractive to others?

1. Chronic lack of sleep

Swedish neuroscientists set out to test how sleep deprivation affects how the person who is experiencing a lack of sleep is perceived in society. Evaluation of the photos in which some of the people slept for 8 hours, and some did not sleep for more than a day, showed that somnambulists seem not only tired and sick, but also sad and unattractive.

2. The hunch back and closed postures

Say a big thank you to all those people who have commented on your poor posture. The hunch back posture deprives you of the attention of the sex you are attracted to. At the University of California school of business, in an experiment together with Tinder, they proved that people captured in open postures were chosen more often than when they were hunched over and filmed with their arms crossed. The effect of the posture was especially pronounced for men.

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3. Looking too happy

In terms of science, people are not so easy to please. We don’t like sleepy and sad people, but we don’t honor those who look too happy and proud either. Canadian psychologists have studied the correlation between male emotions and their attractiveness. The results showed that cheerfulness is the most valuable quality of a woman, but the opposite is true for men. Remember this photo, where you are with a meter-long salmon and a smile from ear to ear? It is not suitable for a profile pic on a dating site.

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4. Laziness

It has been proven by archaeology students doing six weeks of fieldwork. Anthropologists from Wisconsin asked fellow students to rank each other by likability before leaving and after returning. According to the results, those who showed themselves to be lazy dropped in the ranking, while the dexterous ones rose.

5. If you smell too similar

The easiest way to assess the evolutionary prospects of your relationship without registration is to smell your partner's worn shirt, and then your own. Psychologists asked members of heterosexual couples to tell how much they were turned on by their partners and how many people they slept with during the relationship. It turned out that the more similar the smells of partners were, the less passion there was in their relationship, and the more often the partners cheated on each other. Ideally, smells should be noticeably different, but not appear to be the exact opposite.

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