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World Contraception Day was celebrated for the first time on September 26, 2007, at the initiative of a number of organizations working on reproductive health and family planning issues and has been held annually since then.

World Contraception Day is a long-term campaign for all women and men of reproductive age. Its goal is to reduce the high rate of unplanned pregnancies (hence, abortions), and its main motto is "Contraception: it’s your life, it’s your responsibility."

There is now a great need to increase knowledge and awareness of contraception among young people aged 15–25. It is important to provide them with the information they need at this particular age, as their sexual and reproductive behavior can leave an imprint on their entire life.

Today is also National Johnny Appleseed Day. It is held on September 26 in the USA. Johnny Appleseed is an almost mythical person who traveled around the wilds of America, spreading apple seeds everywhere.

What many people don't know is that Johnny Appleseed was not just a legend, but a missionary named John Chapman. You can learn more about who Johnny Appleseed is in this short cartoon: