A selection of The Internet Protocol team’s favorite New Year songs.

Today, we decided to ask the editors of The Internet Protocol team what kind of songs it is best to add to one’s New Year's playlist. A work party or decorating a Christmas tree at home – all this is more fun with the right soundtrack. We hope you will pick up a couple of ideas for festive music or agree that it's not necessary at all.

1. “Last Christmas” by Wham!

Actually, our most favorite song is “Last Christmas” by Wham! We joke all the time that we have already broken the world record for listening to it over and over again from mid-December till February. But since this song plays in every mall, grocery store, and even gas station, we may as well not recommend it. There is one more song, “Boys” by Sabrina, which is generally about summer, but you can also listen to it on New Year's Eve.

2. “Ice Dance” by Danny Elfman

The gloomy and slightly oppressive, but pleasant mood of music and film is surprisingly associated with the New Year holidays. Well, Danny Elfman has perhaps the best selection of New Year's music.

3. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

We are all surrounded by a nightmare, a pandemic, mud, rain and snow, everyone is in a panic. And with this song, you will find yourself in 1991, having fun, while Mariah is still young and you are enjoying your holidays.

4. “Appetite” by Prefab Sprout

It's not really a Christmas song, but for some reason, the whole style of this band is associated with something kind and New Year's Eve.

5. “Happy New Year” by ABBA

Not so long ago, we decided to analyze the band's lyrics. We discovered that all of ABBA's songs are about depression, darkness, and the absence of hope for tomorrow. And then we finally fell in love with the band.

The main New Year's hit “Happy New Year” is no exception. In the completely merciless third verse, a pleasant female voice informs us that the last year was most likely lived in vain and that we have no idea what awaits us in the future, and the tone of the song unobtrusively suggests that there will be nothing good.

6. “Golden Lady” by Stevie Wonder

Every holiday requires a song, but some of us still find it strange to listen to special music on New Year's. For a sense of coziness, we advise you to listen to Stevie Wonder. You can listen to the song “Golden Lady” even when you are mad – a few songs can pass this test. While listening to this song, you can both make a salad and write an evil comment.

7. “Love Is All Around” by The Troggs

This song is strongly associated with the New Year holidays. It seems to be from the movie Love Actually, but we are not sure.

8. “Winter Wonder” Jeremy Jay

This song is about all sorts of cozy New Year things like ice skating, sitting near the fireplace with warm blankets and hot chocolate. This song brings us a carefree and peaceful New Year's mood.