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Didn't have time to wish your friends a Happy New Year? Then call them on January 4 and congratulate them on National Spaghetti Day! This day has been given the status of a national holiday, and almost every family has their own signature recipe for this dish.

National Spaghetti Day: why on January 4?

In fact, it is not known why January 4 was chosen for National Spaghetti Day. But it is known for sure that people in America love spaghetti and consume tons, kilometers, and miles of them. It is estimated that the annual sales of spaghetti in the United States are so huge that this pasta could span the globe nearly a dozen times in length!

National Spaghetti Day: why in the USA?

In the same way, it is not entirely clear why the Americans decided to choose this day of the calendar for the spaghetti day. They certainly have nothing to do with the invention of spaghetti.

Types of "long noodles" without a gap inside:

  • Spaghetti – long, narrow pasta with a round section.
  • Linguine – long flat pasta.
  • Tagliatelli – slightly shortened wide pasta.
  • Fettuccine – long wide pasta.
  • Capellini – the thinnest, up to 0.88 mm in diameter, long pasta.

National Spaghetti Day is a great excuse to sort out the variety of noodles in person!