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Since 2001, by the decision of UNESCO, January 16 is The Beatles Day.

History had recorded the exact date – January 16, 1957. The Cavern Club opened in Liverpool, where the then-unknown young musicians John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison began their journey to fame. Ringo Starr joined them a few years later.

The popularity of a song can skyrocket one day, but this popularity fades away just as quickly. Only real masterpieces do not fade over the years! Time is the most impartial judge. “Help,” “Yesterday,” “Girl,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Let It Be” – we still listen to these hits. Meanwhile, the last concert of the Beatles took place on January 30, 1969. More than half a century has passed since then! The Beatles are ranked #1 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest artists of all time.