Everyone has their own opinion about whether not telling the truth is a lie and whether white lies are acceptable. There is such thing as compulsive lying. If you are a compulsive liar, lying becomes your daily habit. Lies grow like a snowball, and a person can no longer stop. In this article, we will tell you about eight signs that may indicate compulsive lying.

1. You tell lies to make yourself look better

Unfortunately, lying often starts with low self-esteem, so the person comes up with exciting stories to seem more attractive to the interlocutor.

2. You develop a made-up story day after day

Compulsive lies are usually consistent and logical when one plot continues another. Such a lie is not caused by a strong desire to hide something. After all, who hasn’t come up with a story about being stuck in an elevator after being late for work?

3. You don't feel guilty or uncomfortable when you lie

According to some sources, pathological liars are not at all upset by the exposure. According to others, they perceive it with anger and aggression, but they do not feel pangs of conscience in any case. And sometimes they try to come up with a new lie to replace the old one.

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4. You have been diagnosed with a personality disorder or addiction once

Compulsive lying can be associated with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

5. You exaggerate things

The need to constantly exaggerate everything is probably related to the first item on this list – the desire to appear more attractive than you are. Think about whether you often exaggerate the facts when talking to others and why you even need it if the truth is easy and pleasant to speak.

6. You take credit for other people's stories

Compulsive liars are often exposed precisely because something in their stories seems familiar to others, and then it turns out that they were retelling the news release or the plot of a book, but with oneself as the main character.

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7. You've already been caught in a lie

Have you been told that you often lie? Did you have problems with lying as a child? Has your habit of lying ruined your relationship with your friend or loved one? These signs clearly indicate compulsive lying.

8. You lie out of boredom

Sometimes, the habit of compulsive lying develops because a person lacks emotions, adrenaline, or interesting events in life. If this is your case, it might make sense to redirect this energy into creativity.