Did you know that specially and carefully worded phrases and non-verbal communication can have a significant impact on people? Thus, you can both attract and push away a person. In this article, we will tell you how to make your interlocutor like you.

1. When laughing, people unintentionally look into the eyes of those they like

This will help you become a discerning observer. Simply by making a group of people laugh, you can quickly determine which of them trusts each other, as well as gauge your chances of dating the person you like. A simple glance can tell a lot about the feelings of others.

2. People like those whom they help

Do you want to improve a relationship with a person? Ask them for help. When a person agrees to do you a favor, he/she begins to subconsciously justify his/her decision by saying to themselves, "This person is my friend" or "I can also count on their help when I need it." This way, you kill two birds with one stone – you get help and also make others like you.

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3. Pauses in conversations motivate interlocutors to express their opinion

When someone hesitates to answer your question, don't push or try to fill the awkward silence. Silence will actually work in your favor. These moments of silence make people feel like they have to speak up.

4. Open gestures build trust

Try pointing the direction or pointing at an object with your open palm rather than your finger. This is because the open hand gesture inspires trust and liking and makes people more likely to agree with what you say.

5. A slight nod when asking a question helps to get an affirmative answer

When you nod during a conversation, you convey the feeling that what you said is true. As a result, the likelihood of a positive answer increases.

6. The direction of a person's feet reflects how interested he/she is in the conversation

Pay attention to the position of the other person's legs during the conversation. If the feet are directed towards the speaker, the person is interested in the conversation and is ready to listen carefully. If a person’s foot points towards an exit or away from the group, it means quite the opposite.

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7. When you meet someone, try to call them by name

Ideally, you should say the name three times in the first five minutes of the conversation. Try using phrases such as "Hello, N" and "Where are you from, N?" The main thing is to do it naturally.

8. Interested people are more likable

If you show joy when meeting people, they tend to react in a similar way. It's an easy way to make a good impression and make people like you.