After every weekend comes the routine of working days. And sometimes, it comes at a very wrong time. In this article, we will tell you how to feel and look healthy and great again after a weekend of drinking.

1. How to hide bruises under the eyes

Ice the bruise with an ice pack wrapped in a towel. This will reduce the swelling. From your lady's cosmetic bag, fish out a tube of beige sticky thing, a foundation or concealer. Mix this potion with hand cream in a 50/50 ratio and mask the bruise with the resulting mixture.

2. How to hide a hickey

An ice cube applied to the affected area will force some of the dead blood cells away from the skin. You can putty the pale spot with a thick layer of protective cream, the recipe for which you will find in the first paragraph.

A Surefire Way to Prevent a Hangover
From our own bitter experience, many of us know how to relieve the pangs of a hangover when they have already come. But it is always better to prevent something than to deal with its consequences.

3. How to cover up scratches

The healing remedy will help the scratches heal quickly. Before that, disinfect the wounds with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Come up with the name of the feral cat next door that you came to feed. The legend must sound realistic. For added credibility, bring a freshly cut cat's tail with you to work.

4. How to wash off fingerprint ink

Alcohol only lightens dark spots, and the usually omnipotent tar soap does not work at all. But acetone works (but not industrial, otherwise you will be left without fingers). Use the makeup bag again and grab some nail polish remover.