If you don't have the courage to approach a girl and talk to her for the first time, print out this article and do everything it says. At least the girl will think you are creative and original.

1. Read her signs

If a girl sits facing the public in a café or restaurant where everyone can see her even though there are more secluded and private areas there, most likely, just like you, she wouldn't mind meeting someone.

2. Intrigue her

If you want to attract the attention of a girl from the next table in a restaurant, send her a bunch of flowers incognito through the waiter. Let the girl suffer for half an hour, wondering from whom she received the gift, and only then open up.

3. Get that phone number

It is easier to get her phone number not by prying it out, but by asking her for it casually. For example, you can ask her to send you a message to check if there is service on your phone.

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4. Ask the right questions

To get a girl talking, every question you ask should naturally arise from the previous one. If the first was "How to get to…?", then the second should be "Is this the shortest route?", and the third – "Isn't it where there is a…?"

5. Focus on what matters

When talking with a girl, think about the topic of your conversation, and not about how you look at that moment, or about how to quickly lure her home.

6. Make her feel confident

When asking your interlocutor something, include one of the answer options in the question. This will help the girl feel more confident when she answers.

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7. Give a good compliment

Don't give compliments that can suit any girl the same way (like "How adorable you are!"). Focus on her personality: "It's amazing how your ring matches your earrings."

8. Be assertive

When inviting an unfamiliar girl to dance, do not ask before this: "Do you dance?" or "May I ask you for a dance?" Just give her a hand with confidence and lead her to the dance floor.

9. Choose quiet places

For dating in clubs, choose quiet places where you do not have to bother by shouting over the noise in order to talk to the girl.