You love the smell of crispy bacon more than anything in this world, but what a shame is that nobody shares your passion. Or you wish to find a farmer girl and grow tomatoes of love together and there are only princesses and the peas around who have never used a shovel in their entire life… Don’t lose your heart! We have found 4 dating sites and apps that fit everyone’s taste and smell.

1. Blistr

As the song goes, “There’s nothing like a man with a good-looking beard!” Have you always dreamed of a bearded man, or are you the bearded one who is looking for a lady to comb your beard in the morning gently? Blistr is an app and a website at the same time that brings together everyone who has a beard and those who admire beards. Initially, it was a just-for-fun project, but it expanded massively and now has about one hundred thousand user accounts.

2. Farmers Only

City dwellers have nothing to do here. Stars of agriculture, cattlemen, and simply province lovers have gathered on this site. Two hundred farmers’ loving hearts have found their significant other thanks to this website.

3. Sizzl

With the help of this app, you will finally meet the person who can share your love to bacon with you. The app is owned by the Oscar Mayer company that produces meat delicacies. The app doesn’t ask you to answer standard questions like “What is your attitude toward alcohol?” or “What is your favorite movie?” Instead, you’ll be asked to specify what you like best – bacon made from pork or turkey, and how crispy you like it.

4. Seeking Arrangement

This one is for sugar daddy lovers. Here, older rich men are looking for young girls to share their pastime. Users of this website concur that sex in exchange for gifts is a type of relationships, too, and there’s nothing wrong with that. At the same time, critics call the site’s activity prostitution. Brandon Wade, the CEO of Seeking Arrangement, actually thinks that the service is rather a socio-anthropological experiment. It’s been taking a long time for now, though, because the site has been operating since 2006.