Facebook is teaming up with Microsoft and Partnership on AI scientists to fight with the fake video feed. Towards this program, the parties arranged the Deepfake Detection Challenge for finding the best solution to detect deepfakes.

Deepfake is a video created using artificial intelligence technology which can change the original appearance of a person by replacing it with a new face. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook CTO reported about it in a blog.

Schroepfer expressed concern that AI experts were spending too much effort on improving deepfake algorithms instead of focusing on their initial exposure. Facebook is using its unique anti-fake system, but the company's representative hopes that the Deepfake Detection Challenge will find better techniques to discover false video materials.

Facebook stated next, "There is no significant data set or benchmark in the industry to identify it. We want to encourage more research and development in this area and provide better open-source tools to detect counterfeits".