Anonymous information security expert @iBSparkes announced the successful creation of the tfp0 exploit for the iPhone 11/11 Pro.

The unknown expert stated that it took less than three minutes for him to hack the new Apple smartphone. @iBSparkes may have used the same method that enabled another hacker to gain the root-access to the file system of one of the iOS 13 betas on the iPhone 8. The new iPhone lineup uses the new A13 Bionic processor, which has additional protection comparing to the last generation of Apple chips. Moreover, Cupertino experts have increased security in iOS itself.

However, creating an exploit does not mean that the corresponding "jailbreak" iOS 13 will be released very soon. Developers still need to work on the exploit. What's more, @iBSparkes must first publish its tfp0 exploit so that development teams can use it for a new jailbreak. Also, Apple intends to release iOS 13.1, whether the same exploit will work in the update or not wasn't announced.

Some believe that @iBSparkes will simply sell the hacking information to Apple or some company that goes into buying up data about the vulnerabilities of the operating system.