Amazon is going to litigate the Pentagon's decision to commit performance of the military cloud-based contract to Microsoft. Reuters brought this news.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that the Pentagon would not change the decision to execute the $10 billion contract with Microsoft, in a week Jeff Bezos' company filed the lawsuit. Within the contract, Microsoft will build the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud for the military department to revamp the old software.

Amazon didn't explain the reasons for its objection as they can't publish some Amazon confidential information, especially the financial details that are included in the case. However, Amazon stressed that Pentagon was biased and made some mistakes when making the final decision, demanding to reconsider it.

Within the competition, Microsoft bypassed such strong rivals as IBM, Google, Amazon, and Oracle. The media set a lead that Amazon did not get the contract as Jeff Bezos expressed critics directed at President Donald Trump, which could influence the decision at the last moment.