Vine’s successor Byte is about to pay $250,000 to the first group of its users who create high-quality video content as a part of the platform’s Partner Program that was announced earlier this year and will be launched on April 15th.

Starting with next week, Byte will begin reaching out to users to join the app’s Partner Program. The social media app will create a new Partner Pool every 120 days and pay its members in four 30-day installments. The so-called Viewership Bracket in which users will get will determine the amount of money they will receive. Creators that belong to the same Viewership Bracket will be paid equally. The first Partner Poll will make $250,000 in total payouts and will be divided between creators.

“We want byte to be a home for emerging creators across a range of genres, styles, and communities. We’ll be building out the Partner Program with creators who capture the variety and uniqueness of byte. The start of each Partner Pool will be a fresh opportunity for new voices to be recognized,” the company stated in its community blog post.

However, at first, the program will be quite limited because only 100 creators will be able to participate. To do this, they will need to apply and then be chosen by Byte. As the company said, if you want to be in the program, the best thing you can do is “keep making great bytes.”

For now, only US-based creators are eligible for the program. Particularly, the apps noted that it is looking for those who produce original and unique content (fullscreen non-letterbox videos) on a regular basis, follow community guidelines, and engage with other members positively.

This announcement indicates Byte’s intention to actually support its creators, making it a worthy competitor of another popular video-sharing platform TikTok as the latter does not offer much to its users in terms of money.