The recently introduced Byte app, a.k.a. Vine version 2.0, finally announced the initial details of its Partner Program. In its latest tweets, the company revealed its plans to provide users with various monetization options, thus giving them an opportunity to make money from the get-go.

The details were announced in a blogpost on Byte’s community forum.

“Supporting our creators is one hugely important way we can do our part to help both thrive,” the company said in an introduction.

The perks of this Partner Program are monetization that will help users make money from their bytes, direct contact that will give the creators an opportunity to discuss anything with Byte’s employees, early access to experimental features, meets & greets, etc.

The compensation will work pretty simply. A “Partner Pool” will be created every 120 days and will pay the members in four 30-day installments that will be based on the viewership of the posts created during that period. The “Viewership Bracket” will determine the amount of money users will get, plus everyone in the same “Bracket” will get the equal sum.

Naturally, the money in the Partner Pool will come from ads. However, Byte stresses that it has an approach that differs from that of other companies: there will be no pre-rolls, no running ads, and no ads based on retargeting.

The most exciting part, though, is that byte promises to share 100% of ad revenue with the creators during the pilot period.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that at first, the program will be by invite only and will roll out in the USA.

Those wishing to become a part of the Byte’s Partner Program need to fill out this Google Form.

The app that allows creating six-second loop videos has already been downloaded about 1.3 million times across the globe in the first week of its existence alone.