Apple has updated its App Store guidelines. Now, developers will be able to send users push notifications.

Earlier, the Cupertino company adhered to a strict position regarding advertising in push notifications – the list of application requirements indicated that it was forbidden to show advertising and direct marketing for users. However, Apple has canceled this rule.

The company decided to abandon the ban on advertising in notifications after Apple violated its own rules several times. In February 2019, users received push notifications from Apple Music, in which they were asked to give their friends free access to the service for a month. In December 2018, the company sent out notifications in which it talked about the new episode of the Carpool Karaoke show, which is being filmed in collaboration with Apple.

Both incidents outraged users, and the company was accused of special treatment for its products. Perhaps, due to these accidents, Apple had to abandon its own rule.

At the same time, users will be able to decide for themselves whether they need to see promotional push notifications. However, the App Store requires developers to add the ability to disable notifications in their apps. This policy of the Cupertino company will be able to clarify some inaccuracies that were associated with a categorical advertising ban. In particular, users will be able to decide for themselves whether they need to see any advertising offers that may be useful. Creators of trading platform apps with paid services can now send push notifications without restrictions, without thinking whether they comply with the App Store policy.

Among other things, Apple announced the introduction of authorization on third-party services using an Apple ID account. The company believes that its single sign-on system will be a safer alternative than the similar functions of Google and Facebook.

The company noted that 77% of all Apple devices released in the past four years use iOS 13, the latest version of the operating system. Even more – 79% – use the latest version of iPadOS for tablets. That's why developers need to update their applications.