In the new school year, students will be able to access Minecraft: Education Edition from the Chrome OS devices, and Microsoft has added Chromebook support. An educational version of Minecraft was first introduced in 2016.

Minecraft: Education Edition is another way to teach virtually. It's a familiar version of Minecraft with several additional features designed to make it easier to use the game in educational institutions.

Minecraft: Education Edition provides such tools for educators like virtual chalkboards and a Classroom mode that allows teachers to communicate with students and view where they are throughout the game world. Also, teachers can block some resources for educators.

Educators can find user-created lessons on Minecraft: Education Edition in subjects such as history and math. In the classroom, students study the game map. For example, they go on a scavenger hunt to learn the elements of the periodic table. Thus, thanks to the gaming environment, users can learn by playing the game.

Fans Created the Harry Potter Minecraft Game | The Internet Protocol
All characters are square and similar to Lego figures. All interiors are angular, but every detail is worked out with love. Harry Potter fans made a very detailed game about their favorite wizarding world.

Minecraft: Education Edition for Chromebook offers the same features and functionality as other versions of the game, including the support for cross-platform play so that Chromebook users can collaborate with players on Windows, iPad, and Mac. On a Chromebook, students will be using the Minecraft: Education Edition Android app, which has now added support for Chrome OS. Therefore, children and teachers will need to use new devices that support installing applications from the Google Play Store.