You have 15 seconds to tell the world something meaningful, funny, or touching – everything that is on your mind. In this article, we will tell you how to use storytelling effectively and how to increase interaction with the audience, and most importantly, why you need it.

What it’s all about

Storytelling is the process of telling a certain story. The key difference between Instagram storytelling and storytelling in movies and books is that the first one has an exact, time-limited format of up to 15 seconds that needs to be adjusted to. You can use this technique in personal and commercial accounts.

The truth is that all stories are created according to all the canons of drama. First of all, the plot is determined, then you decide what all this is for and what will the main intrigue be. The main goal can be selling a product or service, or engaging your audience and getting them interested in your account.

Then Stories are divided into main parts:

  • Exposition. The audience is immersed in the circumstances where the story will take place, a certain background is set.
  • Inciting incident. A starting point that creates intrigue and prompts a person to be interested in what will happen next.
  • Building up the intrigue. The story is revealed, expanded. Intrigue is supported by facts, arguments, circumstances.
  • The climax. The intrigue is revealed.
  • Recession. Additional comments, emotions, and feedback.
  • The end. A story can fit into 15 seconds of Instagram Stories and be told in one day, or it can stretch over a week or even a month.
Instagram Launched Stories Map and New Anti-Bullying Features
Stories Map is not the only feature Instagram introduced to celebrate its birthday. The photo-sharing app has also announced two well-being updates to reduce negative interactions, including bullying and harassment, in comments.

How to retain your audience? These little things help to keep the audience engaged:

  • Communication. Make viewers a part of the Story. Ask questions, arrange votes, ask for advice.
  • Style. Stories should have a consistent manner – font, colors, and filters should be in balance. This helps to keep the viewer's attention. Find your unique style.
  • Vibrancy. A Story featuring one person will never catch one’s eye. Alternate between conversational Stories, text, pictures, diagrams, and edited videos.
  • Emotions. If the Story does not evoke emotions even in the author, it will not evoke them in the viewer. Stories should make your followers feel empathy.

Why use storytelling on Instagram?

1. To boost your Instagram reach

By creating an intrigue, you play with the viewer's attention, you catch it. Having caught the initial interest, the follower is determined to find out the ending. A fascinating story encourages people to ask clarifying questions, write comments, react to Stories. Any interaction with Stories increases reach.

2. To improve your audience loyalty

A Story is always something personal, emotional. It brings you closer to your audience, increases your credibility. Even ten loyal followers are much better than a thousand who came from a giveaway and do not interact with you.

3. To increase sales

With storytelling, you can build a more effective sales funnel than if you were publishing regular ads.