Sony has released an 11-minute video on its official YouTube channel, in which the company showed the PlayStation 5 user interface for the first time. From the first seconds of the video, it becomes clear that the new generation console has a significantly redesigned interface compared to the PS4.

The PS5 interface is adapted for 4K TVs. The Quick Menu has been replaced by the Control Center, which can be accessed at any time by pressing the PS button without closing the game. Here you can set some settings, see game progress, news, recent screenshots, time, friends who are online, and more.

In general, the home screen resembles the logic of the PS4 interface. However, for example, the PlayStation Store became part of the interface, although it previously existed as a separate application. You can now buy a game or application directly from the home screen.

Sony Apologizes for the PS5 Pre-Order Issues
Due to limited stocks and high demand on the PlayStation 5 console, Sony had to apologize for poor organization of pre-orders.

Much attention in the interface is paid to communication between players. For example, interactive notifications have appeared, thanks to which you can invite someone to a voice chat or start a stream for all its participants.

Soon, Sony promises to reveal even more details and features of the PlayStation 5 operating system. The upcoming console launches on November 12.