Mindfulness apps have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, promising to help you sleep better, combat anxiety, or hone your focus. Here are the most valuable and easy-to-use mindfulness apps that can improve your mental wellbeing and let you enjoy your life more.

1. Happy Not Perfect

The best app for an existential crisis.

Happy Not Perfect

This app has useful exercises, such as “compassion,” in which you need to answer the question: “What would you say to a friend who is experiencing the same thing as you?”

2. Buddhify

The best app for those who work hard.


The app has a section dedicated to meditations for relaxing breaks in the middle of a busy day.

Netflix Released an Animated Series Guide to Meditation
Netflix and Headspace are planning two more similar shows: Headspace Guide to Sleep and an interactive experience.

3. Colorfy

The best app for quieting down.


Drawing and painting have long been recognized as a meditation that has transformed from childhood activity to a pleasurable and fun one that can distract you from adulthood.

4. Mindfulness Coach

The best app for contemplation.

Mindfulness Coach

This app has detailed answers to the most popular questions about mindfulness, several updated exercises, and the ability to track your progress.