Discord, the popular messaging platform, has announced new monetization features aimed at creators and server owners. In a blog post, Discord detailed its plans to expand monetization options and provide more opportunities for creators to earn money from their communities.

One of the key additions is the introduction of paid media channels on servers, which will only be accessible to subscribers. Discord developers are encouraging creators to share exclusive and behind-the-scenes content, bonus photos and artwork, as well as exclusive memes and wallpapers in these channels.

In addition, Discord is expanding its server subscription feature by introducing a tier system. These new features are available starting today.

Looking ahead, Discord plans to continue experimenting with monetization. One upcoming feature is the introduction of Server Shop, where server owners can sell digital and downloadable products to their subscribers. According to the Discord team, the company plans to begin experimenting with them "over the coming months."

Discord Launches Stage Channels, a Clubhouse-Like Audio Feature
The Discord service has launched an analog of Clubhouse rooms in its application. The Stage Channels feature will be organized in such a way that the moderators of the discussion could understand who is waiting in line to speak.

The introduction of these new monetization features provides creators with additional avenues to generate income from their Discord communities. The ability to sell digital products through one-time purchases and offer exclusive content to subscribers enhances the overall experience for both creators and community members.

By expanding its monetization options, Discord aims to become an even more attractive platform for building and engaging communities. As users seek alternative platforms following changes on platforms like Twitter, these new features could encourage more people to join Discord and explore its communities.