WhatsApp has finally launched its standalone app for smartwatches running Google's Wear OS. The new app allows users to start new chats, reply to messages, and even answer calls directly from their Wear OS smartwatches, without them having to have their connected phone with them. Users will also be able to respond with voice messages, regular text, emoji, and quick replies.

The app is now rolling out to users worldwide and is compatible with smartwatches running Wear OS 3.

Notably, Apple's watchOS does not currently have a standalone WhatsApp app. This means that Apple Watch users do not have the native option to send messages or make calls via WhatsApp from their smartwatches. They can only view incoming messages and respond to them if the appropriate notification settings are enabled on their paired iPhones.

In a bid to challenge Apple's dominance, Google has been making concerted efforts to improve Wear OS, attracting new manufacturers and offering new apps and features for the platform.

WhatsApp Finally Allows Its Users to Edit Messages
Whether it’s a simple typo, an autocorrect fail, or an afterthought, users can now effortlessly edit their messages without deleting and resending them, making chats more seamless and less cluttered.

Furthermore, this rollout aligns with Google's commitment to expand its Wear OS app ecosystem. In addition to WhatsApp, the company has also announced plans for Spotify to release new Tiles for its Wear OS app, and Peloton has recently launched its own Wear OS app.