Signal, the encrypted messaging app known for its commitment to privacy, is testing a new feature that allows users to add usernames to their accounts, eliminating the need to share phone numbers with others. This move is aimed at providing a more confidential communication experience within the app and is currently in a pre-beta testing phase, with an official release planned for early 2024.

The introduction of usernames is significant for Signal, as it aligns with the app's reputation as a secure messaging platform. While users will still need to associate their accounts with phone numbers during setup, they can subsequently connect and message others using usernames, reducing the risk associated with sharing personal phone numbers.

This development is part of Signal's ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy and security. However, it's worth noting that while usernames offer privacy benefits, they also carry the potential for abuse, such as impersonation.

Signal Messenger Is Testing Cryptocurrency Payments
The messenger added the option to send cryptocurrency to friends in the application’s latest beta version. Signal Payments currently only supports the MobileCoin wallet and the accompanying MOB cryptocurrency.

During this pre-beta testing phase, available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, users should expect some rough edges in the user interface and limitations, including the need for both parties to use the pre-release software for communication.