WhatsApp has introduced a new feature designed to help users navigate their chats more efficiently. The popular messaging app now includes chat filters that allow users to quickly access messages based on their specific needs. This update, currently being rolled out, includes three initial filter options: All, Unread, and Groups.

WhatsApp Introduces New Text Formatting Options
Whether it’s sharing a grocery list or exchanging coding snippets, WhatsApp’s new text formatting options empower users to communicate with clarity and precision, enriching the messaging experience for millions worldwide.

The "All" filter lets users view all their conversations, while the "Unread" filter is particularly useful for highlighting messages that haven't been opened or have been marked as unread. The "Groups" filter simplifies the user experience by consolidating all group chats into one easily accessible place, including subgroups within WhatsApp’s Communities feature.

WhatsApp Introduces Custom Sticker Maker for iOS Users
While this feature is exclusive to iOS 17 and newer, users with older iOS versions can still edit existing stickers. Unfortunately, for Android users, the capability to create custom stickers is not available yet.

This addition reflects WhatsApp's commitment to enhancing user functionality as the platform handles increasingly diverse communication demands. Inspired by similar features in other applications, WhatsApp's chat filters are designed to make the search process within the app as simple and seamless as possible. According to WhatsApp, these filters will help users stay organized and navigate their messages more efficiently.

As stated by Meta, WhatsApp's parent company, the new chat filters have begun deployment and will be available to all users in the upcoming weeks.