WhatsApp has introduced a feature allowing users to organize events directly within group chats, particularly enhancing the functionality of its Communities feature. This update, aimed at improving interaction among users, now enables members to set up and manage gatherings right from the app.

The new feature allows any group chat member to create events that are prominently displayed at the top of the chat and on the group’s information page. Members can easily respond to these events, and their replies are neatly organized.

WhatsApp Introduces New Text Formatting Options
Whether it’s sharing a grocery list or exchanging coding snippets, WhatsApp’s new text formatting options empower users to communicate with clarity and precision, enriching the messaging experience for millions worldwide.

Initially, this feature will be available exclusively to groups within WhatsApp Communities—a service launched in November 2022 that links groups under a single umbrella for better connectivity. This allows community administrators to streamline communication across multiple groups effectively. The feature will be expanded to all WhatsApp users in the following months, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Alongside event organization, WhatsApp has introduced structured replies to announcements within these groups. This allows members to engage with updates from group admins without disrupting the flow of general communication. These replies are grouped together and will not trigger notifications for all group members.