It would indeed seem that the law is there to make our lives significantly easier and better. However, sometimes, laws incite a facepalm and confused laughter. If you feel like your rights are being impaired, and you have the idea that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, be quick to read our new most ridiculous laws list.

Today we are about to examine the most absurd laws of Great Britain and Israel.

Great Britain

There are loads of weird laws in Great Britain, thank God nobody obeys them!

  1. There’s actually little information about the treachery of birds, however, after familiarizing yourself with this law, you might start having creeping thoughts that they’re in collusion with the authorities. For instance, you cannot feed seagulls in a coastal county of Suffolk. Don’t even fall for their hungry “tales.” The local authorities do not favor the enormous population of these birds at all, so you’ll have to pay £3,000 for feeding them.

  2. In Great Britain, it is forbidden to die in the Palace of Westminster because if death takes you there, the Government is obliged to organize a pompous royal funeral for you. Is it an actual law, not a life hack?

  3. A dreadful law adopted back in 1644 has not been repealed yet. It’s not really a law, it’s a direct violation of Christmas human rights. This law prohibits eating Christmas chocolate cakes that are baked right for Christmas. I mean, what? Oliver Cromwell has adopted this law to fight against gluttony.

  4. In the UK, it is okay if a pregnant woman asks a police constable for a custodian helmet. Why would a pregnant woman need a helmet? To relieve herself. Yep, that’s what the law says. Should the helmet be returned after the deal is done? The law provides no answer to this question.

  5. Women cannot eat chocolates in public transport. Of course, nobody obeys this law. You take away a bar of chocolate from a woman when it’s her PMS, and you’ll get your hand off.

  6. In London, you can beat your wife only until 9 pm because her scream can disturb the sleeping townsfolk. WTF?

  7. Judging by the law, nobody treats Scots nice in York at all. When meeting a Scottish person on any given day except Sunday, it is legally permitted to kill him with a bow and arrow. It is also allowed to kill a Scot with a bow and arrow if he/she farts on Sunday. Poor Scots in York. They need to refrain from eating corn and beans on Saturday for sure.



  1. In Israel, it is forbidden to watch porn channels in a hotel room. If you’re caught watching cable or satellite TV porn, you can be sent to prison for up to three years. The interesting question is whether one can watch an “action thriller” movie with naked people on a smartphone.

  2. If you suddenly decide to bring your bear to the beach somewhere in Israel, we strongly recommend you to hold back from this venture. The law prohibits bringing bears to the beach. The poor animal will be left without a tan.

  3. It is illegal to own a mobile spay/neuter clinic, so if you decide to start a clinic in a trunk of your van and castrate someone, we would suggest you change your mind. Besides, the idea, in general, is rather odd, so you better choose another business.