Cicero once said, "Extreme justice is extreme injustice".

It would seem that the law is there to make our lives significantly easier and better. However, sometimes, laws incite a facepalm and confused laughter. If you feel like your rights are being impaired, and you have the idea that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, be quick to read our most ridiculous laws list.

  1. Fancy sleeping naked to make the tushy breathe better? God forbid you sleep in your birthday suit in Minnesota. This tiny bit of innocent fun may well become a prison term. Just imagine: you skinny-dip into your warm bed, find some TV show to watch, and suddenly there’s a cop breaking into your place just to check whether you’re wearing any clothes or not. Sound like a cheap porn movie plot, but that’s what life is all about in Minnesota.
  1. The State of Alabama is a record holder for bans. Here you’re not allowed to put ice cream in your pocket (what’s the point of putting it there anyway?). It’s illegal to wear a fake moustache if you have an intention to stop by a church (what should a person do, though, if he/she has no facial hair in the right places whatsoever, but desperately wants to twirl the moustache?..). Also, you can’t spit in the presence of women.
  1. One needs to get through the nine circles of hell to become a doctor. First, you earn a bachelor’s degree, then you take your Medical College Admission Test, earn a medical degree, obtain licensure, and so on. Many years spent studying and cramming. The process of becoming a doctor isn’t the same in Iceland, though. There you can call yourself a doctor even if you practice alternative medicine and only have a doctor’s office sign. Funny and terrifying at the same time.
  1. The State of Discrimination, I mean, the State of Iowa believes that one-armed pianists should play for free. Can you even think of any other way to comment on this without using swear words?

Such laws are especially useful for tourists to know so that they don’t put their feet in it. Feeling like taking a trip yet?