Spotify has introduced a funny and adorable new feature that will help you create personalized playlists for your pets, which both of you can enjoy, by combining their personality traits with your listening history in the music streaming service.

The company’s survey showed that 71% of pet owners already play music for their pets, so creating “a playlist you can share with your dog, cat, iguana, hamster, or bird” sounds like something we’ve all been waiting for.

Spotify for pets will algorithmically generate a playlist based on your taste and your pet’s attitude and personality.

Spotify comments on the new feature: “While music for pets isn’t an exact science, we consulted with experts in the pet industry for the best approximation for what might work best for our featured animals. Incidentally, we only use the information you provide us to create your Pet Playlist. The information is not stored and is not used for any other purpose.”

Creating a playlist is as simple as you can imagine. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Spotify’s Pet Playlist website.
Step 2: Choose your pet. Now users have an opportunity to choose between a hamster, iguana, dog, cat, or bird.
Step 3: Tell about your pet’s personality traits and temperament.
Step 4: And a name and pic of your beloved animal.
Step 5: Enjoy your personalized playlist that will consist of nearly 30 songs and will be added to your library.