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The biggest celebrity fight in history. Why did Hollywood fight?

Last week, we told you about French stuntmen who launched the #CucChallenge flash mob.

Weekly Fun: Middle Ages Memes and 16 Types of Zoom Users
This week’s stories feature how modern memes would look like in the Middle Ages, a famous conductor who turned into a meme, and 16 types of Zoom users.

Hollywood girls liked this flash mob, so they couldn’t stand aside.

Zoë Bell, an actress and stuntwoman, became the one who started the #BossBitchFightChallenge flash mob. Zoë is known for her strong collaboration with Tarantino (she performed stunts in his films Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Django Unchained, Death Proof, The Hateful Eight, and Kill Bill). Zoë Bell challenged Hollywood actresses, and they accepted it with honor. In the video, Zoë attacks Lucy Lawless, the star of the famous series Xena: Warrior Princess, and in response, she uses her signature weapon, the chakram.

Other celebrities are just as smart and fight with the help of whatever they can get their hands on: from a bottle of wine to a cute puppy. For instance, Margot Robbie uses the beloved weapon of her villain heroine Harley Quinn – a baseball bat, and Halle Berry fires a water gun.

At other times, it would take months of preparations to create videos with so many stars, but to film in quarantine is easier than ever.

In Britain, police arrived to detain a runaway tiger who turned out to be an old sculpture

If this tiger played Grand Theft Auto, it could have reached a five-star wanted level. Helicopters and an entire police unit were sent to check a tiger sitting in a forest in the British county of Kent.

In the UK, quite a lot of people keep wild animals, so there were reasons for concerns. In a completely unimaginable way, though, our story has taken a sudden turn. The police officers who came to check the tiger found an old and amusing sculpture instead of an escaped predator. This sculpture was created about twenty years ago by a local senior woman who was extremely puzzled by such an invasion. The tiger was sitting by the walking path for years and haven’t bothered anyone until now. The police make excuses that the tiger looks very realistic and that they have to respond to any statements about the danger.

A bird intercepted a rocket flying into a tank

The military-field Twitter shared a video chronicle from the ongoing joint NATO training Exercise Defender Europe 20. The events are unfolding in the Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area in Poland. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle with the installed missile BGM-71 attacked the tank. Being almost at the target, the rocket unexpectedly crossed paths with an unidentified bird (presumably a wild duck). What strikes you the most is that the rocket did not hit the tank, but hit the duck instead and left the initial target intact. Even army old-timers have never seen anything like that before.

A good boy always stays a good boy

They say that even the smartest dog cannot play poker because it will always wag its tail when having a good card. The proof of this as old as the world axiom appeared on Reddit. A user with the nickname EmeritaMcgown posted a video where she is showing her husky nicknamed Riley a pair of headphones that someone (whose identity has not been established) ruthlessly bit. Riley’s every appearance demonstrates that she has no idea what it’s all about and that she is not going to help her owner with the investigation of this unfortunate event. But she’s not very convincing.

In less than a day, a video with a guilty and innocent Riley was watched almost 80 times on Reddit. The Internet liked Riley and was on the side of the dog, so she’s fully justified!

A death metal album based on angry comments from Liquid Death

Liquid Death is a brand of hardcore drinking water for lovers of rock, trash, and a healthy lifestyle. It is noticeable not only in the way the cans look but also in the advertisement. It is made in the style of the animated series Mr. Pickles.

Liquid Death is fighting against plastic waste, that’s why they donate $0.05 to collect plastic from the oceans with every sold can. Inspired by angry comments about their company, Liquid Death released a death metal album. The record was published online, and was also released in a limited edition on vinyl. The album is called Greatest Hates, and it was recorded by the members of the bands Gruesome, Eternal, and Arsis. In total, 10 songs were presented, among which there are Fire Your Marketing Guy, Dumbest Name Ever for Water, and Go Out of Business.

Officially, the album is published on Spotify only, but one volunteer has already uploaded it to YouTube.

In 2019, the company released a similar album, you can take a look at it here.